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Consciously crafted untruths = lies.

October 17, 2012

Check it out: “Mitt Romney’s Entirely Untrue, Objectively False Statements”

The Huffington Post article by Nick Wing with slide show and link to Politifact’s “All Pants on Fire! statements involving Mitt Romney”

The Romney campaign and the Republican Party it represents seem to want to drive relativism like a stake into the heart of America. They are preying on a cultural environment where we are free to explore ideas. As the philosopher Simon Blackburn points out in his, book Truth: A Guide, too many philosophers have let the subject of the “truth” slide, if I paraphrased  that right. We should not drop an important subject of inquiry for fear of clichés or because it seems hopeless. Writing Unicycle, I have discovered that it is often as important to persevere as to solve the question. For example: When we stop looking for the truth, the Romneys of the world will find a favorable environment for their ascendency. And they never go away entirely. Every generation has their work to do. Let’s hope that the the Romney campaign — with its combination of opportunists and zealots like Paul Ryan — has reached its apex to be surpassed by the Democrats and proponents of real opportunity. But it is far too marginal; we all need to help change the culture in many individual ways every day, to look out for each other and strengthen community locally and round the world.

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