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Pi Day, full circle +

March 14, 2021
Pi 2 B

Happy hopeful Pi Day! Remember October? Anyway, Pi has snagged me again with the reminder that the year is kinda round (not perfectly round, mind you) but round enough to grow a pumpkin for a pie for today, and to say, once more, Happy Pi Day to all! And this post will stay a while, until I am snagged in here again. Meanwhile, let’s shake this pandemic once and for all and stay prepared, please. We could do with a slice of something better about now, or should I say, a shot in the arm? Pi is also math’s hidden language of puns. For without double and multiple meanings there would be no numbers. Seriously, you didn’t think I’d let you off the hook without snagging a reference to one of my books, did you? It’s “The Imperfect Democratic Tao of Pi.” As for getting sucked in, click here or above, the article on the “snags of Pi” is imperfectly the same. 2 much of a good thing, like pretending all those decimals just go on forever…

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