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Unicycle Update: Democracy as a Force of Nature

June 30, 2019

All the evidence of experimental science confirms that nature is asymmetric. No pure symmetry has ever been found. Unicycle introduces the logic of asymmetric change to explain the evidence and why our symmetry-based math has failed to grasp a vital ethical connection between humanity and the environment.

Nature's Democratic Pi

Democracy as a force of nature

The “unicycle” is a singular image of balance and impending peril, lightened by whimsy for the weighty subjects of this book: symmetry and asymmetry are found to be mutually exclusive. Absolutism and relativism are symmetry-based. Humans are addictively drawn to absolutes. Nature’s asymmetry is a creative continuum that cannot be stopped with absolute finality. This means that what connects us is more profound than the differences that divide us. Nature’s asymmetry is multifarious and fundamentally inclusive. This provides the basis for a democratic ethic that requires attunement with the sort of balanced change unraveled in Unicycle.

A fresh understanding of natural law is now available to validate the basics of democratic constitutions.

Economic value is found in natural law, not in the shifting prices of an easily distracted market.

The math is elucidated with an interdisciplinary narrative fiction, including mythological tales. The stories gain a realism of their own through the deductions. Nature comes to life, along with the characters as they work on the book by a river in Maine and discover Mother Nature’s moral compass.

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